The tinker tool for backend Javascript

This simple yet powerful desktop application allows you to run Javascript code and act as a scratchpad for trying out new ideas – all within the context of your application.

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Built for you

At Sailscasts we aim to build tools that makes life easier for Javascript developers. guppy helps bring us closer to that goal.

Save time

No need opening a browser, creating test URLs or uploading apps to server.

Improve your workflow

Make guppy part of your daily development toolkit and your life will instantly become easier.

Boost productivitity

When you start using guppy, you’ll wonder how you were ever productive without it.

The elite tinker tool

Easily execute any Javascript code and have a scratchpad to try out your ideas as you code.

Local Sails applications

Run your code within your own local Sails applications. Just open any local Sails project to start tinkering with your code. This is where the real magic happens.

Hot reload

Unlike the Sails console, guppy will run code on the latest change you made to your local Sails application. How convenient!

Test queries and helpers

Quickly test out Sails Waterline queries and helpers. guppy let's you fine tune them to your taste without the need to start/restart the Sails dev server.

Loved by developers.

This is what folks are saying about guppy.

Sunny Singh

REPL environments like this are a lifesaver. Nice work on guppy btw!

Eric Carraway

Because of guppy, I'm more likely to start a new project with Sails instead of using another framework.

Tinker, query, buy now

Don't waste another second. Save your time and increase your productivity by adding guppy to your daily workflow.



Available for macOS, Windows and Linux

License for two computers

Automatic update for one year

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